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Hi, I'm Jude

Hi, I'm Jude

Threadhead TV is your premiere re-make channel for all things repurposed, recycled and sewn. Add Jude and friends to your sewing inspiration & community!

A Threadhead says “no” to fast-fashion and “yes” to sustainable consumption by re-making, upcycling, and SEWING new things. A Threadhead looks at his/her closet and isn’t so quick to toss out last season because Threadheads can fix, alter and update. A Threadhead is an artisan or an artisan-in-training. A Threadhead appreciates one-of-a kind, handcrafted wearable art or unique craftsmanship for the home. A Threadhead is a DIY luxe designer. A Threadhead is an at-home atelier.

Join the Threadhead Revolution: Sew more!

Ms. Bell also founded The Emerald Rainbow Project, an organization that utilizes (legal) refugee artisan women in the USA to create limited-edition and some one-of-a-kind luxe collections.