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I am loving the long jackets and long vests that have been walking the runway lately. Honestly, I can’t get enough. This is such a great project because you can take something from your closet that you don’t wear and transform it into a totally different piece. Or you can get a steal from the clearance rack and make your transformation. Either way, you won’t be disappointed! Longer jackets make an impact with their drama. Was it Prince who brought this look back from the 18th century?

I envisioned doing this project with a jean dress to make a long jean jacket or vest but haven’t yet found the right jean dress to upcycle. Stay tuned for that.

It is the first time I’ve sewn with leather or suede and it wasn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be. You just need a walking foot, leather needles for the machine, and heavy-duty thread. I used a quilting thread but a little Google search will tell you that bonded nylon thread is the way to go with leather projects.

To make this a beginner sewing project, use a kind of fabric that you can pin (instead of suede or leather) and that is all around easier to work with. Corduroy, velvet, velveteen, or even satin might be easier choices.

Sewing with suede or leather presents several challenges. For one, you cannot use pins to secure for sewing so one must hold and constantly monitor, going slowly, and/or employ the use of clips of some kind. Also, you have one shot to get it right as seam ripping is not an option being that your sewing holes would be left behind. Leather is especially unforgiving. But I love the results – truly luxe – so if you are a more experienced sewist – go for it!

Hope you enjoy your own dress-to-jacket or dress-to-vest transformation! Thanks for your support of Threadhead TV.


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