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Embroidery is hot on the runway for fall and I am loving it. This is an easy ripped-cuff fix that also is oh-so-on-trend as it looks like it has been embroidered on the pant. The embroidery patch is beautiful enough that it actually made me glad my heel caught that cuff & tore it. I orginally ordered this set to embellish a pair of black pants for my daughter but then …rips happen… and *voila* …An easy fix for even a beginner sewist.

The sheen to it is what makes this lace-like patch look like it was embroidered on the pant. The other important factor to making this appear to be embroidered right on the pant was sewing down all the edges – including in the middle sections– so that no part of it was gaping away from the pant.

I mostly used an ordinary straight stitch but there were spots (as in securing the leaves down) where I used a narrow zigzag stitch. If your pants have lining, be careful to keep the lining out of the way of your stitching.

In my search for the mirror image embroidery I’m pretty sure I used “cotton” in my search term which is why I could use an iron with steam directly on the embroidery. I did have it on a lower wool setting as the pants are a wool blend.

An added benefit to this hack is that my high heel won’t ever catch that cuff again so the danger of these trousers sending me sailing down the steps has been eliminated. The cuff is sewn down with the embroidery in the spot where it caught.

As you probably know by now if you’ve watched a number of my tutorials, this is what I love about sewing the most: the transformation from something old into something brand new. I love that this pair of pants will not go to Goodwill (or a landfill) but will serve me for several more years to come. That is truly awesome.

I hope this will inspire you to sew because it’s easy. You can create a brand-new, hot-off-the-runway trouser or jeans from a pair already in your closet.

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Happy embellishing!

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