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Turn earrings that have been sitting unworn for years into a great new pair with leather scraps. Marni and other designers are featuring leather in their jewelry and I love it.

Easy to sew and no sewing machine required!

Materials Used:

2 pairs of earrings (The second pair were beaded hoops and I used the beaded drop from the hoops.)
2 jump rings (I took mine from a broken necklace)
Wire cutters (if you are dismantling a pair of earrings or necklace)
Needle-nose pliers (or in my case since they went MIA, I used a wrench)
Strong needle (strong enough to get through leather but not too big as to leave unsightly holes)
Bonded nylon thread or quilters thread (black)
Clear nylon thread
Fabric scissors
Folded piece of fabric or blanket to pad your work surface. This will act as a thimble to help you push your needle through all those leather layers.
Leather scraps (I used a total of about 35 inches in length for the loops on each earring) so 70 inches total plus scraps to cut the flowers and petals. Clearly, you don’t need much at all.

My leather was from a used coat I bought off Ebay for $20 and this was my 3rd project from the coat. The cuffs and hem were a bit worn but overall the leather was in nice shape so cutting it up for other uses was perfect.

My scraps were left over from this project (for one):


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