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Want to make a heart wreath that says “luxe” and “elegance” and not “homemade” or “crafty?” Want a sizeable wreath that is fit for your front door? Then this is the grown-up Valentine wreath project for you and it is EASY. It is a good project for beginners too because mistakes or uneven sewing won’t show. The most challenging part is making the ruffle but even this is not too difficult.

If you are a beginner, the easiest way to sew the ruffle would be to baste down the center of your fabric and pull the threads to ruffle, then sew this in place and remove basting thread. This way you don’t have to struggle to push the fabric under your foot.

Join Jude with Threadhead TV to make the most beautiful heart wreath your front door has ever seen!

It is not made for inclimate weather so wreath should be undercover and not directly exposed to the elements.

I used a jeans/denim needle on my machine to sew the ruffle.

I had originally envisioned making a bow out of the same velvet and cotton fabric – with enough length for elegant long ends to hang down – and affixing it to the bottom of the heart – and an ivory satin flower made to affix in the middle of that bow. But after getting it glued, I decided I really just liked it ‘as is!’ I can always add embellishments later.

Thanks for watching and enjoy making that best-ever Valentine heart wreath! XOXO

(***Wreath is for personal use only and not to be made for sale without the permission of Threadhead TV.)

If you would like to purchase this wreath from Threadhead TV, please message me through Threadhead TV on Facebook. Price is $125.

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