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For a short time staring 5/22/18 you can buy these here:

Indulge the sneaker trend without breaking the bank. Be inspired by this easy project for a girl or woman. A great sewing project for beginners or for kids. Michael Kors slip on tennis shoe was the inspiration. Kate Spade ended up being the vibe.

Would use an oversized and asymmetrical bow for a woman to eliminate the cute-sy factor if going for the gingham. Lots of ideas for asymettrical bow shoes on my ‘DIY Shoes’ Pinterest board.

For another grown-up version one could try using leather ribbon on a white canvas shoe to get a closer likeness but the leather might not hug the shoe in a satisfactory way. Let me know if you try it! Perhaps the leather could be cut on a slight curve and the glue would hold one layer of leather down tight. This would be a perfect non-sew project: using only leather strips for the bows and fabric glue.

Have fun embelllishing those awesome sneakers!

#joann #MIY #DIY #aldi #bernina

Supplies used:
~1/2 yard of gingham fabric
Permanent Fabric Adhesive
Iron-on interfacing
Quilter’s thread
Slip-on sneakers (purchased for ~$7 at Aldi)

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