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Want to add a PLACKET to your already existing T-shirt? Just love HEXAGONS? Need a little inspiration in how make a T-shirt into a super cool WORK of ART fit for the runway – or at least for a music festival? Join Threadhead TV as we do all of the above.

While this is a new Brooks Brothers T-shirt, I got it at Goodwill for $4. The luxe sheen of this 100% cotton T drew me to it but I ended up not wearing it due to its boxy fit. It turned out to be the perfect foundation for a funky hexagon top.

This project is an intermediate sewist level project.

1/4 yard of fabric would be plenty for this project.

Here are the links to the 2 best videos I found on plackets that I mentioned.

The one from Melly Sews I used the most:
How to Sew a Henley Placket

And the one from Shwin & Shwin:

Melly Sews tutorial recommended that you cut slits at the bottom along each placket fold as you can see I did in the video. However, I skipped talking about this because I ended up cutting off most of this length and found it an unnecessary step. So I gave you the correct measurements without this extra step.

Tea Dye Recipe:

2 bags of black tea
1 medium sauce pan filled 2/3 with water

Bring above to boil then turn off and let tea steep for a good 10-20 minutes until water is very dark. Drop in your fabric (or hexagon pieces in this case) and let soak for an hour or so – depending on how dark you want your fabric. Mine turned out a bit darker than I would have liked at first but some rinsing under cold water lightened them up to my desired color.

Rinsing with cold water is recommended to help set the color.

I would recommend dying your fabric before cutting out the hexagons but in my case, I changed my mind and did not want to have to re-cut them all so I dropped them in the tea water which was still quite warm – with paper backing from the steam-a-seam on and all. I wasn’t sure if the steam-a-seam would come off but they still ironed on nicely.

Thanks for watching!

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