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I think there are so many great medical face mask tutorials out there so I don’t see a need to post one here – yet. I’ve watched maybe a dozen videos, all different. I’ve made some that I feel are too suffocating ( Mimi G’s pattern) but I guess if it’s a last resort, it could work. I don’t have any HEPA filter bags to make the doctor recommended ones. However, I do see a shape to the HEPA ones that gives room for breathing so I will try to post a video here if I don’t find one that’s a hybrid of all the great ideas posted so far. I will say that the ideal tutorial is to put wire in around the nose so there are no gaps on either side of the nose.

After you’ve made some masks or if you are new to sewing…

DIY a colored-blocked dolman-sleeved top – super easy – and a great time to take what you already have at home and do some sewing transformation. All you need is 3 t-shirts! (Plus other basic sewing supplies.) Making the most of this quarantine time by making. Instead of so isolated, sew isolated!

If you’d like more detailed instructions:

This project is EASY and there’s little to no cost, depending on what you choose to use as your jersey fabric. In my case I used 3 t-shirts in order to work this Free-People-like magic into a warmer garment. If you’d like to see a few sources of inspiration, check out my Pinterest Board (Threadhead TV) called “Sweater Ideas.” This project is a great way to elevate your favorite T, get your color-block on, and use a slimming method – all in one sha-bang.


3 T-shirts, various colors (or 1 T-shirt + cotton jersey fabric)
rotary cutter & mat
sewing machine
stabilizer (if you don’t have a serger)
jersey knit machine needle (if using a regular sewing machine and not a serger)

#Makefromwhatyoualready have

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