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Make the coolest-ever hoodie! Try out the grommet trend! This will be a sound education in both making a hoodie and in applying grommets to a garment. I cannot lie: the grommet application is not easy but the results are well-worth the effort. And I’m guessing it will make future grommet projects a breeze after the experience of applying them to the thickness of a wool sweater.

You can use a sweater you already have that fits and you’ve made the project that much easier by skipping all the resizing steps. All you’d have to do is make the grommet placket with grommets, construct the hood, and add front pocket.

Another way to make this project easier is to use a t-shirt – or knit dress – instead of a thick wool sweater – much easier!

Link to Grommet Installation Step:

Materials I used:

2 Men’s ( L or XL) Sweaters (Goodwill) $10 (total)
1/2 yard cotton fabric (had on hand)
2 yards iron-on knit interfacing: $5 (about $2.50/yd with 1/2 off coupon – Joann)
2 yards twill tape (1/2″) for lacing the grommets (Joann): $2.50 (total – got with 1/2-off coupon)
2 pkgs of 8 antique bronze grommets 3/8″ size: $13.40 (total through Amazon) I WAY overpaid on this – you can get them through Amazon for $3 each!!!
1 pair of grommet pliers (Joann): $13 (with 1/2-off coupon)
Bias Tape (had this in my stash)

Total cost: $43.90

But you can do even better! Don’t get duped by Amazon’s algorithm pricing – look for the fixed-priced grommets.

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