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Suede or leather tassels are so easy to DIY. There are so many things you can do with these tassels – like update a purse or give your leather jacket or vest a bohemian vibe. Make a genuine leather or suede tassel key chain without the designer price tag. A mini version of this tassel could be added to earrings for a cool statement piece. The applications are endless so have fun!

My tassels are 5.5 inches long and the combined total width is 7″. This is a great way to use suede or leather scraps because you can use 2 different pieces rolled into the tassel without it showing.

The key to a professional look (which is true for many sewing projects) is using a rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler to make sure your rectangles are precise. If you don’t own these tools, invest in them now!

A very easy beginner sewing project because all you are doing is cutting carefully (the fringe) and sewing one straight line in order to make the inner anchor piece. The only other sewing step is done by hand to afix the ribbon around the tassel, hiding the beginning and ending thread knots under the ribbon.

To sew the inner anchor piece: After folding in half width-wise, I used quilting thread, a leather needle on my machine, and a walking foot so the suede wouldn’t get stuck to the regular presser foot.

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