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Make this sold-out Free People sweatshirt along with me! Make an even better version since you don’t have to make any of my mistakes!

The inspiration for this top came from a hoodie that I loved by Free People. It retails for $80 and I made it for about $36. (I already had the 2 t-shirts.) The cost is in the time/labor – it is an intermediate or advanced sewing project. The the most difficult part to figure out is making your own pattern pieces but I will walk you through it here if you are up for the challenge!


2 t-shirts, same color (one for inside lining) OR 1 sweatshirt
3 yards fabric, jersey knit
fusible knit interfacing, 1 yd (I used black)
sewing machine
tape measure
paper for pattern making
jersey knit needle for your sewing machine

Step 1: Construct Front Bodice

If the main t-shirt you are already using fits in a perfect manner to your liking for a hoodie, then you already have most of your bodice pattern piece. While my T was a men’s size M, I wanted a wider fit than this shirt offered so I added a side panel (later step). If doing again, I wouldn’t have made it quite so baggie – but better baggie than tight, IMO.

I had a pocket on the front of my T so I needed to cut the front of my bodice from the back of this T. I used the bottom finished/hemmed edge of the T as my bottom edge so no need to cut along that line.

Chalk out the outline as shown. Cut out along these lines. Repeat this step with the 2nd t-shirt which will serve as your lining. I wanted extra thickness in the bodice. Instead of 2 t’s, you could use one layer of sweatshirt fabric.

Cut also 3″ widths of your fusible interfacing to iron to all the edges you will serge. I’m telling you this at this step because I would have liked to have this interfacing layer on the inside of my 2 t-shirt fabric layers so they wouldn’t show even from the inside of the hoodie. However, mine will just look a bit messy on the inside. Yours will look like this too if you are using one layer of sweatshirt fabric.

If sewing 2 t-shirt layers, serge or zig-zag stitch these 2 layers together all around the perimeter of the pieces so that they act as one piece. Right sides are facing out (instead of facing in, as typical for sewing). Make sure you smooth both layers flat before pinning and sewing the perimeter. I did not serge the bottom edges together but left them separate so the sweatshirt would hang flat in the front. (With gravity/wear over time, one layer could cause bunching of the other if sewn together at the hem.)

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Here’s the grommet sweater hoodie I mentioned:

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