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Upcycle DIY your very own leather wrap belt that makes any unfitted shirt or dress into a flattering fit by defining the waist. You’ll learn how to custom make this belt to hug your own curves.

You just need a walking foot (so the leather won’t stick to the presser foot), leather needles for the machine, and heavy-duty thread. I used a quilting thread but a little Google search will tell you that bonded nylon thread is the way to go with leather projects. Of course you will also need a used leather jacket to upcycle. It is the perfect use of a jacket or pants that might be worn along the cuffs/seams but is otherwise in good shape.

This belt is so versatile – can be tied 5 different ways:

1. twist and tie
2. center bow
3. center knot
4. side knot
5. side half-bow

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Come back for more great leather projects like DIY earrings. Also on tap for this fall are denim projects and SLEEVES. Love all the shapes of sleeves that are walking the runway so stay tuned!

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