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Sew a Leather Dickie (Fake Shirt w Collar)

Elevate any sweater look with a leather dickie! A dickie isn’t something we see every day and I’ve never owned one. In case you’re saying, “A say-wha?!”, it’s a fake shirt collar or turtleneck made for layering. I’ve never understood the appeal… until now! I’m loving the leather shirts I’ve seen on the runways but they are very expensive – even some of the faux leather shirts.

Plus, I can imagine that a full leather shirt would be hot even in the winter under a sweater so a dickie gives me best of both worlds! It will keep my neck warm without overheating the rest of me and will up the cool factor to any sweater.

You utilize less leather than an entire shirt so you are saving the earth. AND not only that, but in this project, I used the rest of a half cut-up jacket from my Malachite Bucket Bag project (and another beyond that) so it is also a sustainability move! Nothing feels better than to repurpose a leather piece that is worn out in certain areas and might have been tossed.

The leather dickie is clearly a project that appeals to the masculine or feminine side!

Read all the way to the end of my instructable for a brilliant hack on this idea:


Leather sewing machine needle

Nylon thread (made for leather)

Leather (ie. old jacket or pants/skirt)

Fabric for lining (~1/4 yd)

Paper pattern of jacket, coat, or shirt of which you like the shape of the collar

Sewing machine

Quilter’s clips (in place of pins)

1 or 2 buttons (or snap or hook or velcro- what ever kind of closure you’d like)

Ribbon or 1/4″ elastic (optional)Instagram:

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