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Need a LAST MINUTE Halloween costume? Want to make the BEST EVER costume for your teen or tween? This one is so SIMPLE, EASY, CHEAP and you’ll get tons of LAUGHS – and SCREAMS. Can be modified as a last-minute (1-hour) costume. Our version took 2 days to give the paint on each side of the worm time to dry.

You can make a one-hour, no-sew version by using panty hose and a red sharpie. Or if you have the time and want the blood to look more realistic (wet) go for a no-sew version where you paint the panty hose. You must stuff the pantyhose with plastic grocery bags before painting so the hose doesn’t try shut.

We stuffed the fake arm with plastic grocery bags as well and it was the perfect stuffing medium. 🙂

Idea originated by Mark Rober. My son saw it & had to describe it to me because when we went to search it out so he could show it to me, we turned up empty. If you find his link, please send it my way so I can include it here. Thanks, Mark Rober!

I cut the fabric on the bias (diagonal) to give it a bit of stretch but in the end it didn’t matter because it is stiff with paint.

I know the dork factor was off the charts on this one. Thanks for watching & have a blast with it!

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