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I have done the occasional search online on this topic over the last few years and have not found a satisfactory answer. I’ve read “steaming” – which does not do the best job. If you don’t want to spend the next minute watching how to iron a bubble skirt, here’s the secret: get yourself a TAILOR’S HAM.

Don’t pay full price for a tailor’s ham because it can set you back $15-$20. Use a 50%-off coupon from your local fabric store or find a good deal online. Or best of all, support an artisan and buy a handmade one from Etsy.

I’ve been sewing for over 25 years and I’ve never had a tailor’s ham in my sewing arsenal. Just as in getting any job done around the house, having the right tool makes a big difference. So invest in one of these if you haven’t already and it will make ironing bubble skirts – and ruffles – that much easier.

If you are a sewist and know a better way to iron a bubble skirt, leave a comment below and share your secret.

Thanks for watching and come back for more great projects and helpful sewing tips.

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