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This is a unique version of the circle skirt that resembles a tulip – still as twirl-worthy as any circle skirt. It started out as a maxi-dress idea but this is the age when my daughter is still willing to wear skirts/dresses to school so to make it ultra-comfortable and easy to do recess, I made two separate pieces.

It is fully lined for added luxe and impact. Make sure your lining fabric is a lighter weight cotton weave (aka cheap fabric) for the best results.

I think I said the waistband was 6″ wide when cutting it out but upon closer look, it might have been more like 7″. It’s a nice wide waistband which I love.

The skirt measurement around the top of the skirt where you attached to the waistband should be about the width of her hip measurement. This might mean that you stretch the waistband a bit to match it up with the skirt portion as you sew.

Materials needed:
2 t-shirts
2-3 yards of fabric (depending on the size of your girl). Jersey knit would work the best but I used a woven cotton. It has less give around the waist but is easier to sew with if you are less experienced at sewing.
2-3 yards of lining fabric
3 other patterns of coordinating scrap fabric for the applique
Steam-a-seam for the applique

1/4 yard of organza – color matching your t-shirt (for rosette)
scrap of fabric for your rosette base

Rosette Tutorial:

My Hippie Camper Van Applique Tutorial:

Here’s the circle skirt tute from Annika Victoria that I mentioned:

Let me know if you have any Q’s – I’d be happy to help if I can.

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